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Providing an Unprecedented User Experience.
SaaShost.net is a Software as a Service provider that delivers affordable enterprise-class business applications that are easy to deploy and use.

Our powerful Cloud delivery platform enables customers to customize their apps to meet their precise, unique needs. With no hidden setup, support or cancellation fees, we deliver extra layers of security that enable companies to exceed regulatory mandates.

SaaShost.net offers both leading open-source and industry-standard applications like hosted Microsoft Exchange, Dynamics CRM, and SharePoint alongside a portfolio of security, mobility and backup solutions among others.

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It’s time to reduce costs, mitigate risks and increase your revenue. We can design a hosted solution that is not only affordable, but customized to your unique business needs.

World-Class Service; Leading-Edge Technology at Your Fingertips.

Extend your reach and better target your audience
Implement collaboration tools for better efficiency and greater output
Automate processes and simplify management

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