What Do We Do? Business Apps Made Easy

SaaShost.net is a Software as a Service provider that delivers affordable enterprise-class business applications that are easy to deploy and use. From Email to CRM to Collaboration platforms, SaaShost.net's powerful Cloud delivery platform enables customers to customize their apps to meet their precise, unique needs. With no hidden setup, support or cancellation fees, SaaShost.net also delivers extra layers of security that enable companies to exceed regulatory mandates. SaaShost.net offers both leading open source and industry-standard applications like hosted Microsoft Exchange, hosted Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and hosted Microsoft SharePoint. And, always...Job #1 for SaaShost.net is world-class customer service.

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Customer Speak

“After having both an in-house and outsourced email service, I find my job much easier knowing that SaaShost.net is handling all facets of my company’s email. Not only does SaaShost.net provide an excellent choice of ways of receiving email, but the service is 2nd to none! I cannot tell you what a joy it is to speak with the support team at SaaShost.net. I have even been assisted by the owner of the company when I have any technical questions or wants. SaaShost.net should be your next choice when deciding on an email service provider. You guys make email hassle-free!”

Chris Stoner, System Administrator, Fibromyalgia & Fatigue Centers